The Katarokwi Native Friendship Centre has been providing programs and services to the Aboriginal people of Kingston and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our programs and services were geared towards Aboriginal people and contained a great deal of cultural content. We have recently lost funding for all of our programs, leaving our community with no where to turn.

Approximately 2 years ago we were defrauded by an unscrupulous contractor to stole roughly $420,000. We are trying to battle him in court, but the process is slow and expensive. We have run out of money for this as well.

Now that we have lost our funding, we cannot offer the programs and services that we once offered. Our community has a great sense of loss. We are the only organization in Kingston and area that services Aboriginal people and their families. Without our programs and services our community has no where to turn for cultural resources and activities.

With your assistance we hope to be able to offer cultural programming to our community once again. With a donation of $50 we will even send you a Katarokwi Native Friendship Centre T-Shirt, as our way of saying thanks or in Anishinabe we say “Miigwetch”!

Please help us keep our culture alive in Kingston.

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